Leadership & Experience You Can Count On!

With over 150 years of combined leadership experience, the following are running as a slate. Collectively we share the same values of solidarity and are committed to serving the needs of all faculty – be they part-time, full-time, non-instructional or instructional. Our collaborative approach and collective strength allows us to be better advocates for you! Please show your support and vote for our team on April 16th.

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Solomon Namala

Vice President (Full-Time)

Kimberly Rosenfeld

Vice President (Part-Time)

Amanda Reyes


Susan McDonald


Teresa Alenikov, CPA

Member-at-Large (Full-Time)

Angela Hoppe-Nagao

Member-at-Large (Part-Time)

Martin Salgado

Member-at-Large (Non-Instrl)

Brittany Lundeen


Walter Fernandez


Terrance Mullins

Together we win seal

Goals If Elected:

Move CCFF towards a transparent, democratic and inclusive union that seeks to improve the rights of all faculty... 
  • Recommit to the mission of our union that protects all faculty rights and a union that is inclusive, respectful, democratic and makes decisions that are in the best interests of all faculty.

  • Develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the Board of Trustees and the Administration.
  • Provide more executive board transparency by posting meeting agendas and minutes so all our members are aware of the CCFF board’s decision making.
  • Negotiate the best possible deal for our salary years 2 and 3.
    • This will be more complex than in the past due to the new funding formula.
    • We need a team that can skillfully navigate this uncharted territory. 
  • Refuse to sacrifice gains for one faculty group in order to achieve gains for another.

  • Prepare for 2021 negotiations through robust faculty surveys and discussions.

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